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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions that we get here at CJS Aluminum.

Do I need to be home for my FREE estimate?
We provide a FAST and hassle free estimate to our customers! We can do the estimate without your being there if necessary. If you are not home our estimator will leave your proposal along with our brochure. We do ask that any locked gates to the areas that need to be measured are unlocked and any unfriendly or escape artist pets are penned, tied up or put in the house.
Can I call for a phone estimate?
We do give phone estimates if you know all of the specifics of your needs. Phone estimates are not final. We will also need to do an on-site inspection before installation in order to give you an accurate quote. In addition, this will allow us to be completely prepared with the correct materials when we come to do your installation. Estimates are free with no obligation.
Do you offer gutter cleaning?
Yes, we actually offer gutter cleaning programs so that we can automatically schedule your gutter cleaning for you throughout the year. Gutter cleaning starts as low as $75 ask your sales rep. about the details.
I have water standing in my gutters. Is this normal?
A large amount of water standing in the gutters is not normal. However, after a rain a small amount of water may remain in the gutters. If large amounts of water is standing in your gutters, please check to make sure all outlets and downspouts are free of debris. If the gutters and downspouts are cleaned out and water is still sitting in the gutter, then the gutter will probably need to be re-pitched to provide proper drainage. Standing water will not harm aluminum gutters.
What can I do about my porch ceiling peeling or rotting?
Don’t worry we can fix it for good. Vinyl ceilings are nice looking and easy to maintain. You can hose them down when they’re dirty and they can be installed right over your current drywall ceiling.
Can the color peel or flake off of my vinyl siding?
No, there is no paint on it to peel or flake! Your siding will remain colorful and will eliminate the costly chore of repainting your home every few years.
How and when should I pay?
Payment in full is due upon completion of the job. We will send you an invoice when the job is complete. We require that you then send us payment right away or call us with credit card information.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover Card. Please call our office if you prefer to pay with a credit card. We also accept checks and cash.
Does CJS Aluminum have insurance and a license?
Yes, CJS is licensed to service the entire state of Florida and meets all of the state’s requirements. CJS also holds $2 million dollars in liability and workers compensation insurance. We recommend that homeowners ask for license. and insurance from all companies that are working at their home. After all it is your largest asset!
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